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Interior Designer + Advocate For Healthy Living Spaces

I wish I could say I started this journey of designing healthy living spaces long ago, but that would be an un-truth. For years I was unknowingly designing rooms with chemically soaked leather sofas, fur pillows, scented candles, and paints with high VOCs because I thought I was creating the "Dream Room" the client wanted. But in reality I was contributing to animal cruelty, indoor pollutants, and putting my client and their families health at risk.

So when did I become "Aware"?

I have been an allergy sufferer all my life, and sometimes when you live with an ailment for years the "suffering" becomes the "norm". I have chronic sinusitis and wake up every morning with the usual stuffy nose, irritated eyes, and lethargy. But one morning I got up with a mild sinus headache that usually goes away as the day goes on, but this headache did not go away and continued for 3 days. So I began to research the internet as to what could be causing it in addition to the common things I am already allergic to (more about my allergies later). To make a long story short, the research lead me into the realm of toxic environments and health. 

The Defining Moment

I was dismayed by the amount of chemicals in furnishings, how animals are abused and killed just for their skins, environmental allergens, and other indoor pollutants. All these issues are linked to health concerns such as sinusitis, cancers, autism, and a host of other diseases. I decided in that moment to do a complete U-turn on how I design and specify products for homes. By the way, I believe my headache was attributed to a scented candle given to me as a gift. Apparently I have developed a sensitivity to   perfume smells. I got rid of it and my headache went away.

Sensitivity Design Origin

"Sensitivity Design" is an umbrella term I use to describe my interior design services as it relates to health and your living environment. The term does not exist anywhere on the internet, but new design disciplines arise out of need often. It is my hope to light a spark in the design community to embrace "Sensitivity Design" as a new specialty worth offering.

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My Credentials
  • Bachelors of Arts Degree - Interior Design

  • Diploma - Practical Nursing

  • Certified - Non - Toxic Home

  • Certified - Vegan Design

  • Certified - EDAC (Evidence Based Design)

  • LEED Training

My Experience
  • ​17 years - designing healthcare spaces

  • 17 years - designing commercial spaces

  • 10 years - designing residential spaces

  • 3 years - E Designer residential spaces

  • 15 years - Pediatric Home Care Nurse

  • 8 years Military - Army Veteran

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